In case you can’t fall asleep, don’t indulge in caffeine. These problems by Arnold(PDF) will do the job.

Trembling is the very opening of Arnold’s trivium: “The standard of mathematical culture is failing…”

Download PDF here, courtesy of Montana Uni.

Read This Is the Way the Paper Crumples by Siobhan Roberts (nytimes.com)
In a ball of paper, scientists discover a landscape of surprising mathematical order.

Paper crumpling is memory-less, which implies reduced complexity and revived hopes that other perceivable complex phenomena are ultimately simple to describe.

Prof. Giacomo Bonanno has released a book on game theory under CC-NC-ND. PDF available here (~5.5 MB).

Hat tip:

In addition, the professor has kindly provided a PDF copy of his other book on decision making, available for download here (PDF ~6.5 MB).

(Photo: CC-BY-ND-NC Screenshot of the book cover. itheorist.com)