Read This Is the Way the Paper Crumples by Siobhan Roberts (
In a ball of paper, scientists discover a landscape of surprising mathematical order.

Paper crumpling is memory-less, which implies reduced complexity and revived hopes that other perceivable complex phenomena are ultimately simple to describe.

Read Turbulence, the oldest unsolved problem in physics by Lee PhillipsLee Phillips

An interesting read on the phenomenon of turbulence from Physicist Lee Phillips:

An example of why turbulence is said to be an unsolved problem is that we can’t generally predict the speed at which an orderly, non-turbulent (“laminar”) flow will make the transition to a turbulent flow. We can do pretty well in some special cases—this was one of the problems that Heisenberg had some success with — but, in general, our rules of thumb for predicting the transition speeds are summaries of experiments and engineering experience.

Due to the difficulty in mathematically describing turbulence as accurately as we have modeled non-chaotic phenomena, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) could assist physicists in approximating a description. However,

[T]he search for a better theoretical understanding of turbulence continues, for computers can only calculate flow solutions in particular situations, one case at a time. Only through the use of mathematics do physicists feel that they’ve achieved a general understanding of a group of related phenomena.

Which, as Phillips alludes to, will continue to excite the curiosity of physicists, thus perpetuating the need for the discipline.

Liked Canadian becomes 1st woman in 55 years to win Nobel Prize in Physics, shared with 2 others | CBC News by an author (CBC)
Donna Strickland, an associate professor at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, became the first woman in 55 years and the third ever to win the Nobel Prize in Physics, sharing it with a scientist from the U.S. and another from France for their work in laser physics.

Congratulations, Donna! The third woman to win the Nobel Prize, the first woman in 55 years, and the first Canadian woman. 🇨🇦