Watched Trudeau delivers official apology for Canada's role in the MS St. Louis | CBC News by CBC News from CBC
The Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler tested the limits of Canada's humanity in the lead up to the Second World War and Canada's government failed that test "miserably," Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said.

Prime Minister Trudeau issued a formal apology to the Jews sailing on German liner MS St. Louis in 1939, who were turned away, back to the death rows of Europe. A passenger, a witness, has a few words to say. Watch the CBC report.

(Photo: CC-BY-ND-NC Screenshot from the associated video clip.

Watched The Economist on LinkedIn: by The Economist from
November 6, 2018: The Economist posted on LinkedIn

This video by The Economist is an important reminder that draconian oppression of any indigenous people will always beget freedom for that people and almost always painfully so for both the oppressor and the oppressed. The formerly oppressor will continue to exist in shame as the formerly oppressed rebuild their independent existence in glory. At one point the shame and the glory will balance out, thus bringing about any preconditions for mutual respect.

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