Read President Ozymandias by Ben Santer (Scientific American Blog Network)
If he so desired, Donald Trump could go down in history as the man who transcended ego and ignorance by acting  to limit greenhouse gas emissions. Fat chance

A great reply by a climate scientist to a pious, ignorant, thick human being as is the Toupee Guy.

Appreciable warming of the Earth is not something we have to “believe in.” It’s already happening. Warming of our planet is hard physical reality.

It would be very comforting if the president were right. Unfortunately, he is not. Natural cycles are an intrinsic part of the climate system and have been studied for decades. They cannot account for simultaneous warming of all major ocean basins. Nor can natural cycles explain the sustained warming of the lower atmosphere and cooling of the upper atmosphere—a characteristic fingerprint of human-caused greenhouse-gas increases. The president’s comment about restorative natural cycles ignores our mature scientific understanding of the strong links between fossil fuel burning, CO2 increase and climate change. Hoping that a small natural cycle will magically cancel out the large climate signal of fossil fuel burning is a very poor survival strategy.

One final word about agendas. Do climate scientists “have a very big political agenda,” as the president has claimed? In my experience, most scientists are focused squarely on getting the science right. At the end of a scientific career, that’s the real measure of an individual’s success: Were your findings credible? Was your research confirmed by others? Did you advance scientific understanding? That’s the “agenda.”