This federal election, I will be voting for the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) for the following four reasons based on the CPC’s Policy Declaration(PDF 2019.01.21) pronouncements, primarily aligned with my business objectives:

1. Fiscal declaration, with tax relief primarily for business and capital gain taxes, which is how poverty breathes its last.

2. Economic Development, with industrial development (by eliminating the socialist mindset of bailouts and favoritism) and the foreign ownership restriction removal or reduction, which promotes a free-market system with myriad growth opportunities. In addition, the long-term energy framework, whereby we reduce energy costs by leveraging what Canada offers internally, rather than importing what we already have. Finally, the spirit of competition is etched across the economic development platform.

3. Trade, especially the focus on promoting international trade, thus increasing the potential for economic growth and business opportunities.

4. Criminal Justice, with the stricter enforcement than the currently lenient and ineffective program of rehabilitation of dangerous offenders without the latter’s carrying the burden of proof otherwise.

With these pronouncements, the CPC appears to be committed to providing a business-friendly environment that promotes a healthy free-market economy. This is especially needed nowadays as Canada has turned into a sad, socialist system with a senseless tax regime, broken trade, broken international relations, and offering its citizens too much reliance on government, which I call deresponsabilization, a very dangerous phenomenon to the economic health of any society.

While I will be endorsing Scheer for the above, I do not agree with some CPC policies, such as temporarily suspending stem cell research or considering on-the-spot penalties for marijuana, although these are trivial matters that neither add to nor subtract from my business objectives.

The bottom line is that I am endorsing what I believe is a platform that promotes free-market enterprise, business opportunities, and economic growth. Gone is the legitimacy of the times when people are pampered and cared for by the state.


…Which should be concerning for the upcoming referendum, a crucial event in our province’s history.

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