Read How to stop wasting your life watching TV and do something worthwhile with your downtime by ELIZABETH GRACE SAUNDERS (Fast Company)
When you subtract the time spent working, commuting, eating, sleeping, and doing housework, chances are you are left with only an hour or two of free time each night. Here’s how to make the most of it.

Read Opinion | In Praise of Mediocrity by Tim WuTim Wu (
The pursuit of excellence has infiltrated and corrupted the world of leisure.

“In Praise of Mediocrity” is a truly enjoyable read. Pursue what you enjoy without considering what is imposed unto you externally, which has, after all, no value whatsoever.

There are depths of experience that come with mastery. But there is also a real and pure joy, a sweet, childlike delight, that comes from just learning and trying to get better.