Read School moves imperial Japanese flag after student's protest draws almost 10,000 supporters online | CBC News by Rafferty BakerRafferty Baker (CBC)
A Langley Grade 9 student is claiming victory after an online petition with nearly 10,000 supporters resulted in the relocation of a Japanese Imperial flag in a history classroom.

The Japanese fascist flag has been successfully removed from public sight in this school. Ironically, the teacher appealed to the argument that such flags are tools for instruction. In no rational universe would such argument hold. According to such flawed logic, the teacher might have the Nazi flag hung up on the hallways as a tool of elucidation.

Great move and victory by the students.

On the other hand, I am still gathering signatures to submit my e-petition to the House to have this symbol of fascism banned from public display in our country.

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I am looking for signatories for an e-petition I intend to submit to the House of Commons to ban the Rising Sun Flag from public display in Canada, in the context of its fascist relationship.

Project updates located here.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to be added to the list of signatories.

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Today, I sent the following letter to my Member of Parliament (MP), the Hon. Terry Beech, to request his support for sponsoring a petition I intend to file with the House of Commons to ban the Rising Sun Flag from public display in Canada as a symbol of fascism:

Hello Mr. Beech,

I would like to request your support in the form of sponsorship for an e-petition I intend to file with the House of Commons to have the Rising Sun Flag, a symbol of Japanese fascism, banned from public display throughout Canada.

Earlier today, as I was driving along Boundary Rd., a car passed by me. I couldn’t help notice a decal with the Japanese flag on its trunk and felt offended for three reasons. First, I come from a family of anti-fascist veterans who fought Nazi-fascism in WWII and experienced painful losses. Second, half of my current family is of Chinese origins and they still recall the horrendous crimes (such as the Rape of Nanking) committed by Japanese fascists under the ostentatious display of the Rising Sun Flag. Third, that Japanese symbol is an ideological cousin of the Nazi symbol and, therefore, ought not to be allowed for display in our free country.

I intend to submit my e-petition soon, in light of our Remembrance Day, and I would appreciate your sponsorship and support to put an end to the memory of zealotry and fascism in this country of ours by uprooting the very symbols that beget destruction.

I look forward to your response.


William Borix
in the District of North Vancouver, BC


Update (2018.11.09): Due to clerical duties that preclude sponsorship, Mr. Beech is unable to support the petition. I have forwarded my request to Ms. Jenny Kwan, MP.

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