Read School moves imperial Japanese flag after student's protest draws almost 10,000 supporters online | CBC News by Rafferty BakerRafferty Baker (CBC)
A Langley Grade 9 student is claiming victory after an online petition with nearly 10,000 supporters resulted in the relocation of a Japanese Imperial flag in a history classroom.

The Japanese fascist flag has been successfully removed from public sight in this school. Ironically, the teacher appealed to the argument that such flags are tools for instruction. In no rational universe would such argument hold. According to such flawed logic, the teacher might have the Nazi flag hung up on the hallways as a tool of elucidation.

Great move and victory by the students.

On the other hand, I am still gathering signatures to submit my e-petition to the House to have this symbol of fascism banned from public display in our country.

(Photo: CC-BY-NC Modified from Wikipedia.)

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